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Elevate Your Woodworking with Sustainable and Powerful Contact Glue

When it comes to woodworking, having the right adhesive can make all the difference. That’s where contact glue steps in, offering a superior, robust, and eco-conscious solution.

Contact glue, also known as contact cement, is a rubber-based adhesive that can be derived from natural or synthetic rubbers. It finds its forte in bonding veneer or plastic laminate to manufactured boards, a crucial step in crafting high-quality products like kitchen cabinets.

What sets contact glue apart is its unparalleled holding strength and immediate, permanent bond. Unlike some other adhesives, like PVA glue, working with contact glue demands precision and accuracy. The process involves applying the adhesive to both surfaces being bonded, allowing it to dry to the touch, and then firmly securing the surfaces together. The result? A bond that stands the test of time, without the need for clamps to keep the timber in place.

Traditionally, contact glues were polychloroprene-based. However, with an eye on environmental responsibility, many have transitioned to polyurethane-based formulas. While most contact glues are solvent-based, there are also water-based and natural alternatives available for those seeking greener options.

At NRI, we’re dedicated to providing you with a range of contact glues that not only elevate your woodworking projects but also align with your commitment to sustainability. Discover a better, stronger, and eco-conscious way to bond wood. Contact us today to explore our selection of premium contact glues and take your woodworking to new heights.

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